I hope you love these photos as much as I do! I felt so lucky to have the opportunity to photograph two incredibly beautiful and talented girls in my studio. Thank you Katherine and Jackie!

Your photos can be ordered directly through this website. Pick your favorites, add them to your cart, then choose what size prints you want. You can order individual prints from wallet sized to large sized wall prints and you can also choose from one of the discounted photo packages.

There are also photo gifts like coffee mugs, mousepads and T-shirts that can be customized with your choice of photo. I can also custom design a Magazine Cover with your photo. You can let me know what you want the magazine cover to say and I will design it for you. There is an example magazine cover of one of the Dance By Carly dancers at the end of your gallery.

I will send you digital versions of each print you order. The digitals will be perfect for sharing online, but are not high enough resolution for printing. You each have a $30 credit towards your print purchases Enter the coupon code TAKE30 at checkout to get your credit.

I converted a couple of photos to Black and White as examples. If you would like any other photos converted to Black and White, please let me know.

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